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March 2014

The Rector’s Ramblings: many were concerned recently at the comments made by the Minister for Education and Science with regard to the teaching of religion in our schools. Whilst his remarks were aimed primarily at Roman Catholic primary schools, we should nonetheless take note as Christians. There is a drive within certain elements of our establishment that would like to see Christian values removed completely from all facets of Irish society in the name of political correctness. Surely this drive not to offend those who do not hold Christian beliefs is in itself offensive to we Christians? If we stand idly by and are not willing to voice objections to such moves then we cannot complain when we are not permitted to observe Christian festivals in our schools, hospitals and elsewhere. Local elections are taking place this year-do not be afraid to challenge the candidates and ask them where they stand on this issue. We are commissioned at our baptism to profess our faith and to spread God's word-let us not be found wanting in this mission.

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the Great War. This is a sensitive subject in this country given the opinions of many with regard to Irish men and women who served in the Allied forces during that conflict. Sensitivities must be acknowledged but there are many in Ireland who wish to remember and reflect the service that their loved ones gave, many of whom never returned. 91 young men from Gorey paid the ultimate sacrifice. I hope to organise a number of events in our area this coming year with the help of some very knowledgeable people. If anyone has any memorabilia pertaining to loved ones who served in the Great War I am happy to advise on valuations and insurance of these important family heirlooms.

Rev'd Steven Foster and I have been working on getting a snooker league going for anyone interested. Initially this is aimed at men aged between 25-45 an age group that often find it hard to have a social outlet due to work, family or financial constraints. If ladies of this age group are interested please let me know. We hope to get things going in the spring.

Every blessing, Canon Mark.


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