Notice Board

This notice board is a place for forthcoming local events to be announced, fund raising activities promoted and any other community information needs/wants or offers to be posted.

(Please do let Canon Hayden know of any family occasions so that they can be included here-if an item is omitted it is because I haven’t heard about it)

Please email your submission to in order for your item to be included. The website administrator reserves the right to remove/alter submissions as may be required for space/legal reasons.


The condolences of the parishes are extended to the Williamson and Davis families who were bereaved with the passing of the late Mrs Chrissie Williamson whose funeral took place in Templescobin Church on February 4th last.

Confirmation 2014

Confirmation classes are continuing for those young adults who have expressed a desire to be confirmed. If anyone else would like to talk to me about confirmation then please feel free to contact me. The service this year takes place in Christ Church Gorey on Sunday March 30th at 3.30pm. We will be joined again this year by candidates from Tinahely/Carnew Union of Parishes.

Some candidates from Tullow Union will also be joining us for the first time this year and will be most welcome.


Congratulations to Canon Arthur Minion, Canon Patrick Harvey and Dean Katherine Poulton who have been installed as members of the Chapter of St. Edan's Cathedral as part of the clerical changes due to the uniting of the dioceses. Congratulations to Dean Paul Mooney who has been installed as a member of the Chapter of St. Canice's Cathedral in Kilkenny.

Congratulations to the 1st Gorey Boys Brigade who won first place in the Eastern district marching competition in Swords Co. Dublin on February 8th last. This is a great achievement and all credit to the boys and their leaders Cliff, Niall and Ger.


Anyone wishing to marry in the parishes or who would like the rector to attend a wedding outside of the parishes must give plenty of notice of their intention to marry. The State requires 3 months notice by law and charge 200 to provide a couple with the required paperwork. This charge has nothing to do with the Rector.

School News

Gorey Central School: Keep up to date with the school website on

The class of 2014 for Gorey Central School is now compiled. It is vital for anyone wishing to send a child to the parish school to fill out a pupil enquiry form which is available from the school office. This form does not guarantee a place as there is a strict Department of Education and Science enrolment policy that must be adhered to by the school. Gone are the days where the Rector can guarantee a place for anyone in the school system.


Beware of fake water meter installers: well, beware of any water meter installer but recently a number of people have been fooled into handing over money or bank account details to individuals claiming to work for Uisce Eireann. There is no reason for any installer-real or fake- to obtain money or access to your home during the installation of the meter. The bills will come soon enough no doubt!


Items for inclusion: can I ask once again for items for the newsletter and diocesan magazine please? I often only hear of important family events either by chance or when asked why something wasn’t included. In some cases I do forget to include items but on many occasions I haven’t heard. With all the doom and gloom we hear so much of then it is all the more important to let everybody know when there is something to celebrate or to be happy about. Items for inclusion for the diocesan magazine must be with me by the 10th of the month at the latest. Photos can be emailed directly to the editor at It is safer to send a digital copy of a photograph for the magazine as there is no guarantee that you will get an original back!